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Ways to fight forest fires

When it comes to forest fires, the problem concerns not only the destruction of vegetation. There is an acute issue concerning thepreservationof animals, including rare species, and people. That is why it is important to detect fires at the incipient stages and prevent the spread of fire.

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Where and why surveillance cameras in the forest are installed

Updating of the material and technical equipment of environmental industry through the introduction of the latest achievements of engineering and technologies is not a simple tribute to the twenty-first century, the era of fast-paced innovations. The way we manage to preserve the forest wealth now determines the quality of life and well-being of future generations.

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Forest Fires

Early Warning Forest Fire System

Wilderness fire literally can be called one of the most dangerous and devastating environmental disasters. It makes an awful damage that often doesn’t leave forests a hope to be renewed again. What’s why the authorities of state safety and environmental protection make their best to prevent an absolute firing.

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Forest fire monitoring

Monitoring (detection) of forest fires

A forest fire is a juggernaut, burning everything alive on its way and transforming age-old forests into dead gray ashes in a moment.

Human factor, spontaneous combustion of peat deposits, or a lightning strike may cause this natural disaster. Fire-fighting operations are usually complicated by the inaccessibility of the areas covered by the flames, as well as high speeds and territorial extent of fire. The only thing that will help to avoid significant material losses, and often fatalities, is the prevention of forest fires.

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