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Ways to fight forest fires

27 November 2021


Measures to prevent forest fires


As for the prevention of forest fires, first of all it is an extensive promotion of fire safety rules among the population. And this approach is not senseless, because 90% of fires are started by humans. This is about unextinguished fires,a thrown cigarette in the dry season, and often intentional firing of dry grass. This can cause the most terrible disaster that can only happen with the forest.

Monitoring is another very effective measure. This system of measures includes:

  • Foot patrols of rescue services.
  • Aerospace control.
  • Observation from firetowers.
  • Automatic observation systems.

The most modern systems, such as Forest Fire Detection, may be considered thepeak of perfection. This system allows monitoring without human involvement. It is needless to talk about the benefits that open to emergency services. The system is based on the around the clock video surveillance and smoke detectors. Upon detecting even small signs of fire, the operator receives the signal immediately. Of course, such an approach provides the opportunity to start putting out the fire at the stage when the fire has not yet had enough time to cause significant damage.

Methods of extinguishing fires

Forest fires are divided into three categories, fires, creeping fires and ground fires. Crown fires are the fastest fires that burn trees.

If you cannot find the fire at the incipient stage, the fire can cover large areas, destroying all living beings. Different methodsare used to extinguish the raging fire. They depend on a combination of factors, which are assessed by the rescuers at the seat of fire.

Special teams and all the rescue equipment, which includes fire trucks, tractors, helicopters and airplanes, are involved in order to fight forest fires. The so-called protective lines are created to localize the fire, they do not allow the fire to cover neighboring territories.

  • Beating a fire is used for small fires, such as dry grass burnout. In this case,exclusively human resources are used. Rescuers sent fire to the already burnt areausing improvised fire beaters, i.e. rags, branches, thus preventing the spread of fire.
  • Counter firing method is used for intensively spreading fire. When using this method, fire-scorched landis artificially created on the path of a spreading fire. It will allow the fire to move on.
  • A control line helps to create an obstacle to the fire. The line consists of three parallel grooves, fertilized with mineral salts, which do not allow the fire to move. Often these lines are a preventive measure, and in case of firesthey save vast areas from imminent death.
  • Quenching from planes and helicopters is the most effective way to extinguish small fires.

How to prevent forest fires

In any case, prevention of fires and their early detection isthe most effective measure for fighting fires. The system of early detection of fires Forest Fire Detection can be called one of the best modern developments in this area without any exaggeration. The system provides non-stop control of all signs of incipient fire. Continuous surveillance, heat and smoke detectors, and instant alarmmake the system an indispensable tool in the fight against the disaster.

The system of early detection of forest fires Forest Fire Detection provides the opportunity to determine the extent and forecast the possible development of the fire, taking into account weather conditions, wind direction and landscape features. The data, transferred by the system, alleviates the fire danger and reduces the fire-affected areas.

An incompletely extinguished seat of fire can causedangerous consequences. As the system of early fire detection operates continuously, this problem will not remain without attention and, therefore, will be resolved in time.

It is enough to get trialaccess on the website to see how the system Forest Fire Detection works. It does not require additional investments.

The omnitude and ease of use, high technological effectiveness and reasonable price, full warranty service and expert assistance at all stages of the installation and use of equipment. These are the benefits that you will gain with Forest Fire Detection system!

Take care of the forest and do not forget the simple rules that can protect it from harm!