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Where and why surveillance cameras in the forest are installed

27 November 2021

Monitoring in the forest

Video recording as a source of information about the flora and fauna has been used for more than one decade. New hardware can significantly simplify the process of obtaining large amounts of valuable materials for the research and practical use.

  • Proper conduct of research and forestry activities has become impossible without the use of video recording. Tracking the number of animals, their welfare, migration routes and routes to watering places allows to organize the extra nutrition, trapping and relocation, perform veterinary and sanitary measures in time.
  • Round-the-clock video monitoring of the fire situation replaces patrolling forests by a large number of inspectors and rangers. Now you can detect the fire at the ignition stage, to pinpoint the place of its origin and then to coordinate the actions of various departments in the fight against the fire using dispatcher console.
  • Increasingly, video monitoring is used as a way to control human behavior. Poachers, those who organize illegal damping, those who like to “have a ball” the presence of the cameras will significantly spoil the fun. Their faces and car numbers recorded in a computer database will help to find the perpetrators quickly and recover damages from them.
  • Every year people are lost in the forest for some reason. Data recorders will help to find and rescue the hapless mushroom pickers and hikers.
  • The opportunities that are provided by the placement of video equipment in the habitat of wild animals will please the fans of “low-key hunting” and young naturalists. Monitoring the habits of birds and animals in their familiar environment without leaving the apartment is real. The resulting image has the format and resolution, thanks to which you can make a video or slideshow even using a home computer.
  • The hunters, who install video surveillance of the bait left, almost guarantee themselves getting another trophy without tedious hours of stalking the animal.

Equipment for video surveillance

Cameras for animal surveillancePhoto and video cameras for outdoor use have a strong waterproof housing or are located in an enclosed box that protects them from natural damage, as well as tampering attempts and unauthorized removal.

Installation is performed on trees or special towers, with regard to the topography, the objectives of monitoring and technical features of the equipment, i.e. the focal length, view angle and other characteristics. The attachment is designed for the structure to survive the gusts of strong wind and the curiosity of the fauna without losing operability. The rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries are the power source.

Digital video equipment made it possible to monitor the forest 24 hours a day and record images continuously or when motion is detected, the transmission of information in the form of MMS/ E-mail messages to a personal computer or mobile phone.

As the calculations of experts show, investing in technical innovations to protect nature with maximum efficiency and reliability is extremely cost-effective. Even without taking into account the scale of potential damage from fires and vandalism, the annual cost of garbage collection exceeds the cost of the installation of video equipment and its operating costs. A cost-conscious, looking to the future owner will not fail to make the right choice, and soon high-tech solutions will protect wild forests everywhere.