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Early Warning Forest Fire System

27 November 2021

Forest Fires


Currently, the most of wildfires detection methods are connected with the personal presence of the rescuers: patrols, towers and helicopters observation and also the using of space data. Certainly all applied measures are effective in the circumstances of the absence of abnormal heat. However, during periods of drought when fires simultaneously are covering large areas in different parts of the country, the problem of more perfect monitoring systems and early warning forest fires systems is of vital importance.

The «Forest Fire Detection» System

Innovative developments in the sphere of early warning fires have permitted to create a completely unique system of «Forest Fire Detection». This automated system as opposed to all existing now methods of fire control, works automatically without human invasion, detecting the earliest fire stages and informing the operator about it.

«Forest Fire Detection» is a comprehensive system of sensors that allow:

  • to fulfill a constant monitoring;
  • to detect a smoke at the early stages;
  • to inform emergency services automatically;
  • to predict the fire area development scale;
  • to calculate the forces for the fire suppression.

The equipment has an autonomous system of power supply and a high degree protection against various weather conditions and force majeure. These features permit the system do not fail during a storm and reveal areas have stricken by lightning.

How To Buy A System

The company "Xorex Service" representing the technology «Forest Fire Detection» in Belarus market is a reliable partner in the branch of IT-technologies. All equipment promoting by the company has a regulatory certification and an excellent quality.

Every order of our customers receives its personal care:

At initial stage our highly skilled specialists evaluate the terrain, take into account all peculiarities of the relief, infrastructure and even the weather conditions of the provided territory.

At the second stage all works on equipment installation and adjustment with all the individual characteristics identified earlier are carried out.

After the equipment preparation, the company specialists will train the staff of your organization how to operate the system. They also will provide a permanent maintenance support. These are guarantees of a maintenance service.

Pleasing moment is a possibility to verify personally the effectiveness of "Forest Fire Detection" system testing it by yourself. You are sure to please the team of professionals and the cost of system maintenance. And timely forecast of terrible natural disaster will help to avoid a lot of the irreversible results of wilderness fires.